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  • New product launch notice

    New product launch notice

    Onlyup Balloon Co.,Ltd. has launched three new materials balloons: macaron color heart-shaped balloon, metal color heart-shaped balloon and tail ball. Among them, the metallic color balloons are made of non-toxic and odorless PET materials, while the macaron color balloons and tail balls are made of PA materials with strong abrasion resistance.
  • Company news

    Company news

     To celebrate the launch of the new production line of the new workshop of the new factory of Onlyup balloon mfg Co.Ltd. in July, 2018,  Not only increase the production volume, but also greatly improve the quality and class of products, new and old customers are welcome to visit.
  • Aluminum foil and latex balloons, hydrogen and helium difference

    Aluminum foil and latex balloons, hydrogen and helium difference

    Aluminum foil balloon: 1) metal film made of balloons. 2) rich colors, many patterns, with a variety of shapes. 3) 45cm aluminum ball ball helium can keep a week or so floating, 80cm aluminum ball ball helium can be kept for about fifteen days to fly. 4) advanced technology, can be automatically sealed to avoid leakage. 5) due to thermal expansion and contraction, filling helium, due to different ind...