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Aluminum foil and latex balloons, hydrogen and helium difference

Release time:2018-6-4

Aluminum foil balloon:
1) metal film made of balloons.
2) rich colors, many patterns, with a variety of shapes.
3) 45cm aluminum ball ball helium can keep a week or so floating, 80cm aluminum ball ball helium can be kept for about fifteen days to fly.
4) advanced technology, can be automatically sealed to avoid leakage.
5) due to thermal expansion and contraction, filling helium, due to different indoor and outdoor differences; winter outdoor aluminum foil ball appropriate contraction, was not full, back to the indoor aluminum foil ball was full

Latex balloon
1) Balloons made of rubber material.
2) from the color is divided into standard color, pearl color, crystal color, fluorescent color four categories.
3) shape on a round, heart-shaped, plum-shaped, magic and so on.

Helium and hydrogen
Because of its different chemical composition of the distinction, helium is a safe inert gas; and hydrogen is a kind of active lively gas, hit Mars can easily lead to deflagration, street hawkers to reduce costs, the use of cheap hydrogen Fill, please keep yourself safe away from street vendors.